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Google Improves SOS Alerts in Search Results

With visual data and a fresh navigation system, Google is improving the SOS alerts displayed in Search and Maps. In times of crisis, SOS alerts are displayed, such as when a natural disaster occurs. People will now have more credible data about where and where they will be next to a catastrophe. Hurricanes, earthquakes and […]

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Google Analytics is Blocked by Firefox, Mozilla Explains Why [UPDATED]

Mozilla’s representatives, Firefox’s parent company, described why Google Analytics is now blocking the browser by default. This week’s release of an updated version of the Firefox browser blocking all trackers including Google Analytics. This implies that when tourists use the recent version of Firefox, traffic information may be impacted. Mozilla argues to make this shift […]

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Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool Updated With Desktop & Mobile Selector

With the capacity to run distinct mobile and desktop tests, Google has updated its wealthy results testing tool. The firm claims this shift will be made to help site owners with mobile-first indexing preparations. The correct use of structured information is one of Google’s demands for a site to be deemed ready for mobile-first indexing. […]

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Ways AI Has Changed Ecommerce

This is an Atomic Reach sponsored post. The views expressed in this article are owned by the sponsor. Many clients have chosen to bring their company online when it comes to shopping. Statista estimated that in 2019, 1.92 billion worldwide buyers will be involved in ecommerce operations. By 2021, the number is anticipated to increase […]